Hamam & Sauna


A hamam or Turkish bath is the Anatolian variant of a steambath and is considered to be the sauna of the East. The hamam combines the functionality and structural elements of its ancestors in Anatolia, the Roman and Byzantine bath, with the central Asian tradition of the steambath and respect to water. The hamam is a room filled with steams scented with eucalyptus and pine oils, which are pleasant to smell. In the hamam, ideal temperature ranges between 43 °C and 46 °C. The body, however, never reaches this temperature, because perspiration maintains the body’s temperature at tolerable levels.


A sauna is a closed wooden room heated at 80 °C, and with a humidity ranging between 5% and 15%. Studies have shown that proper use results in the rise of work capacity-exercise and has therapeutic effects. The heat of a sauna induces a good natural reaction in the body, increasing temperature fluctuation levels, benefits the central neural system, and helps blood flow, the sweat glands and the pores in the body.