It is a treatment for muscular strengthening and tissue tightening. It improves the circulation and focuses on areas where there is local fat. Also restores muscle weakness and fluid retention. It creates a body without cellulite and malformations.



It enables the process of elimination of toxins and reduces effectively cellulite. It contains essential oils, seaweed extracts and algae. It improves microcirculation and creates tissue oxygenation. It can also be combined with the treatment of muscular strengthening for toning and firming of the skin.



It promotes the lymphatic drainage, contributes to better blood circulation and activates the metabolism. Usually it is used as process either alone or in combination with other slimming therapies so as to achieve fat burning.

sculpteur integral

Sculpteur Integral

This treatment is the pinnacle of efficiency in slimming. You gain a smaller size after 5 treatments. It is a moisturizing therapy that aims at belly - buttocks and thighs for complete slimming action with visible results from the first treatment.



It is the new widespread, non-invasive, painless medical procedure for the treatment of localized fat. The results are visible in the treated area immediately. The technology of cryolipolisis is the most popular way for liposculpture and it is based on the different sensitivity of the adipocytes in the cold, compared to the other cells. When fat cells are exposed to a controlled low temperature for a specified time, then a biological disaster is caused and they are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.



The treatment of targeted ultrasound is a method that is directed to cases of persistent cellulite and localized fat. The ultrasound emission at specific depth creates microbubbles in the intercellular space of adipocytes. The creation of suffocating pressure causes the fat cells to release content on the circulation or causes tear on the cell membrane and therefore their destruction. The result is liposculpture and cellulite smoothing in the treated area.



It is a triple therapy that contains lipolysis machine, cellulite massage and thermomask. It helps the local fat and the cellulite.

rf adinatisma


RF The radiofrequency tecnology aims to rebuild collagen and elastin in the treated area, providing tight and youthful skin. The RF method activates the fibroblasts, forcing them to produce new collagen and by this way provides firmness and elasticity to the skin.