lemfiko massage

Lymphatic Massage Therapy - 70 min

Gentle rhythmical manipulations and specialized pressures on the lymph nodes, in order to relieve lymph congestion and increase lymph flow. The purpose of the treatment is to activate the circulatory system and cleanse toxins.


Aromatherapy – 60 min

Empowering or relaxing aromatherapy massage against toxins trapped in tissues and fluid retention. A wide variety of essential oils is applied to the whole body offering invigoration, body balance, improvement of microcirculation and stress relief.

hot stone therapy

Hot Stones Therapy – 70 min

Heated volcanic stones are placed along the spinal cord, in order to produce a positive energy flow. This is followed by special massage techniques to achieve deep relaxation, stress relief, better blood flow and pain relief.


Reflexology – 30 min

Stimulation through application of pressure and massage to the feet, and in particular to the arch of the foot, as well as to the hands, in reflex areas, to which every part of the body corresponds, in order to improve their functionality.

sport massage

Sports Massage – 45 min

Sports massage was initially developed to help athletes prepare their body for maximum performance, recover after a big sports event, or function properly during training. It focuses on injury prevention and treatment of muscles and tendons. It is also beneficial to people with injuries, chronic pain or limited range of motion.

oriental massage

Oriental Massage - 60 min

Magical massage using aromatic sea bags comprising of a salt crystal mix and lavender flowers with palliative effects to achieve immediate rest and relief.

turkish bath

Turkish Bath - 70 min

Enjoy the famous Turkish bath. Start with a hamam, followed by a unique method body peeling, applied on a heated plate, and, to finish a massage with soaps.


Indian Head and Shoulder Massage - 30 or 60 min

Therapeutic method from ayurvedic philosophy with effects on four levels of the body: muscular, neural, circulatory and energy level. It promotes detoxification, revitalization and harmonization of the body’s system.

swedish massage

Swedish Massage - 60 min

Influenced by traditional Chinese alternative techniques, it is applied to relax tense muscles and restore well-being. It stimulates better blood circulation and involves strong manipulation.

agiouovedriki malaksi

Ayurvedic Massage - 60 or 90 min

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic health system, aims to restore or maintain the balance of body, soul and mind. It is applied to the whole body and its intensity ranges from very gentle to very deep. It has relaxing and therapeutic effects. Indicative examples: it relieves anxiety and stress, soothes painful muscle tension, tones the muscles, revitalizes, detoxes and improves the circulatory, immune and lymphatic systems. It burns fat reserves, beautifies the skin and, finally, slows down the aging procedure.

pantha jama

Pantha Jama - 60 min

Handmade bags of Swiss herbs with pharmaceutical properties, including calendula, hibiscus and chamomile flowers, for ultimate relaxation, calmness, and dealing with stress and frequent headaches.

foot spa

Foot Spa - 30 min

This relieves muscular spasms, stiffness and cramps. This type of massage improves blood and lymph flow and is particularly effective on swollen feet.

hotshell massage

Hot Shell Massage - 65 min

Ideal for relaxation and well-being. Shell massage is a holistic approach, inspired by ancient natural massage techniques used by the inhabitants of the Pacific islands. The shells are heated and, in combination with different manipulation techniques, offer their beneficial properties and the ocean’s energy, giving you real relaxation.

candle massage

Candle Massage - 60 min

In a peaceful aromatic atmosphere, the candle massage creates an unprecedented experience. The fine creamy candle wax flows onto the body deeply nourishing the skin, while a combination of manipulations, stretching, gentle pressure and large repeated moves relaxes the muscular system, and stimulates blood circulation, helping the body to eliminate tension, and guides you through an enjoyable escape through the senses. Choose between 3 different natural aromas: Douceur d’ Orient with sandalwood and orange for complete relaxation and harmonization of the senses; Charme d’ Andalousie, with citrus, rock rose and vetiver, for relaxation and revitalization of soul, body and mind; and Rythme du Bresil, with rosewood, orange and copaiba, for toning, revitalization and energy boost.