Pleasant Body Therapies

kokkino stafili

After Sun

After exposure to the sun we recommend a regenerating and nourishing treatment for any irritation or burning. The treatment includes a body and face mask based on yogurt, cucumber and aloe. Citrus cream completes this cool and invigorating treatment.

chocolate therapy

Chocolate Therapy

Full well-being absorption. It provides physical and mental well-being. Fighting stress, bad mood and dry skin. It helps with secretion of endorphins, stimulates serotonin production, hydrates and nourishes. Exfoliation, body massage and chocolate mask.


Thalassotherapy with algae from the Black Sea

Thalassotherapy utilizes the natural healing power of mineral-rich waters to tone muscles, tret cellulite and cure skin problems such as psoriasis. Thalassotherapy is based on the sea products such as seaweed, water, salt and mud.