It is the capital and central port of Messinia prefecture, located in the place where ancient Fari once was. After its liberation from the Turks, it developed to a rich urban center and important port because of the goods produced in its fruitful land (olive oil, raisins, figs etc.). Nowadays, it is a very charming city of 50.000 inhabitants. It is located 238 km southwest of Athens.

What to see in the city:

The Castle built in the place where Fari citadel once was, with an amazing view. It was built during the 13th century by Geoffrey Villehardouin and underwent further addition and transformation by the Venetians. Nowadays, an open air theater operates in its interior.

The beautiful Old Town built on the foot of the Castle. In the area you can see among others Ipapanti Metropolitan church (1873), Kalogreon monastery of 12th century with its famous silk production workshop and Aghii Apostoli church (13th century) with its stone walls.

The Gallery of Modern Greek Art with a collection of painting, sculpture and engraving works.
Benakio Archeological Museum with findings from Copper era up to Roman times.

The wide central square of Vasilias Georgios with many coffee places. It is a meeting point and place for walking. The district that surrounds the scenic train station with a fine network of cobble roads, small coffee houses, bars and taverns develops on the west.

The Folklore and Historic Museum housed in Kiriakou mansion. It exhibits traditional items and heirlooms from the Greek War of Independence in 1821.

The City Hall.

The municipal theater.

Sidirodromi square park where you can see old locomotive motors and wagons.

The coastal road in front of the city beach where you can find many restaurants, coffee houses and bars.

The west beach where the city marina is and many coffee houses and bars operate.

Close sightseeing:

Verga beach (8 km E), Avia (12 km SE) and Kitries (17 km SE) which over the last few years have been developed into remarkable resort with vivid touristic movement.
The mountainous villages on the west slopes of Taigetos mountain on your way to Sparta. The route to Sparta is one of the most beautiful routes in Greece.


"Saitopolemos"- on the night people celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus (Holy Saturday)
Cultural events, theatrical performances and concerts in the theater of the Castle, during summer.
International Dance Festival during summer.
International Documentary Festival.