Covid-19 - Policy and Procedures

Our Hotel is Health First certified and follows the Ministry of Health’s guidelines on cleaning and sanitation according to national legislation.

A consultant has been selected to create a health plan and has already created emergency plans and hygiene protocols, and set up a crisis management team that will deal with possible COVID-19 cases

Hotel’s management will frequently convene to evaluate the situation and immediately take decisions when required

The hotel’s staff has been trained accordingly to follow the health protocols of the post-COVID-19 era

Hotel cleanliness has been rated with 9.7/10 by OTAs for its cleanliness

Check-in and check-out is quick and effective, with no crowding expected at any time of the day

Fast check out will be possible over the phone. Before departing, customers will be able to receive a printed copy of their bill. This process reduces the time spent at the reception area, as customers proceed to the reception only for payment

Hotel management encourages payments with the use of credit cards.

Social Distancing: All hotel employees will work within a distance of 1.5 – 2 meters from each other. The same applies for guests,

Restaurant capacity has been significantly reduced. The tables have been placed at a minimum distance of 1,80 meters from one another,

Opening hours of restaurants and other hotel services has been extended,

Communal/Public areas are being cleaned and sanitized daily. We also disinfect surfaces and equipment after each use.

During breakfast, we disinfect all of the tables and chairs after each use and provide single-use cutlery wherever possible.

We ensure antibacterial gel is available in all areas.

Our staff is equipped with all the required disinfectants and cleaning products to ensure all areas meet the highest levels of hygiene.

We provide all the relevant information in order to keep you as healthy and safe as possible during your stay.

Guests not residing in the hotel are strictly prohibited from entering the hotel even if they are relatives or friends.

Please sanitize your hands as often as possible especially, after using the toilet. Please cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, ideally using a tissue, disposing of it safely after use and washing your hands immediately.

Please respectfully abide by social distancing. All communal furniture has been repositioned to meet social distancing requirements.

During breakfast please respect the maximum number of seats per table, avoid gatherings.

Guests are requested not to enter the breakfast preparation area or hotel kitchens.

Upon check-in and check-out please wait at the indicated point - Check in is at 3pm andCheck out is at 11am.

Keys left at reception must be placed inside the specified box for sanitation.

For long staying guests, any room cleaning services will be done upon customer request only. This is to keep our personnel safe.

In case you develop symptoms during your stay please stay in your room and contact the hotel’s certified Health Officer who will contact the medical doctor and follow the protocol for the provision of immediate medical care.