Pleasant Body Therapies

hamam moroccan

Hamam & Black Soap Moroccan Treatment - 60 min

Starting with the traditional Moroccan exfoliating glove, we remove dead skin cells without provoking any irritation. Smearing of soap paste from sundried olives enriched with eucalyptus follows. This therapy removes the dead skin cells leaving the skin white and velvety.

chocolate therapy

Chocolate Therapy - 70 min

Total wellness experience. It provides physical and emotional wellness. Coping with stress, bad mood and dry skin. It promotes the secretion of endorphins, stimulates serotonin production, hydrates and nourishes. Exfoliation, facial and body massage and chocolate mask.


Lulur - 90 min

Foot bath with mint. Energizing massage. Massage with yogurt, spices-mix and fruits. Face mask with yogurt. It is an exotic treatment that revitalizes body and spirit. Refreshes, stimulates the metabolism, it is antioxidant. It offers deep hydration.

golden spa therapy

Golden Spa Therapy - 90 min

Holistic therapy for revitalization and wellness through 24-carat gold luxury and the waft of field and desert flowers with anti-aging effect. Exfoliation with gold. Jacuzzi. Face and body mask with gold. Relaxing massage.

ginger treatment

Ginger Line Body Treatment - 70 min

Body treatment with ginger that cleanses deeply and removes dead skin cells from the surface. It comprises fat-burning active ingredients for weight-loss and silk proteins for hydration.


Thalassotherapy with Mud and Seaweeds - 110 min

Begin with the ultimate experience of a hamam and then feel absolute wellness through natural clay and seaweeds. Lastly, try a slimming massage rich in slimming herbal extracts and liposomes.

cocktail treatment

Cosmetic Cocktail Treatment Kit - 90 min

Body treatment for relaxation, wellness and hydration. It comprises a special sugar preparation and fruit microparticles for exfoliation as well as massage oil in three different blends. Cocktails: Mojito, Tequila and Pina Colada.

pearl face

Pearl Treatment - 60 min

Intensive care with pearls for immediate weight-loss and face lifting. The precious ingredients comprise powdered pearl, bio-peptide extracts from amber, collagen in molecular form, polysaccharide from brown seaweeds and microelements. They provide fast skin regeneration and restructuring, giving radiance and restoring elasticity.

kokkino stafili

Therapy Based on Red Grape - 110 min

Effective hydration, weight-loss and anti-aging therapy. It comprises grape, vitamin E, and centella asiatica. It revitalizes and activates the skin and fights off free radicals.

honey peeling

Honey and Sugar Peeling - 35 min

This therapy removes dead skin cells, nourishes, hydrates and softens the skin. It activates cell renewal. It provide a healthy glow for dull, lifeless, tired skin types.